KW Command Masterclass December 7th - 11th, 2020

11AM to 1PM Pacific Virtual Event with Recorded Playbacks

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This is a digital, virtual event with 10 Hours of in-depth content.

Join from the comfort of your home or office.

If you are struggling with KW Command, haven't started yet, or want to expand your knowledge, this KW Command masterclass is for you.

Key Strategies:

  1. Set up Your website for Success
  2. Generate leads by marketing your listings (Designs, Ads, Landing Pages, Emails and More)
  3. Create Smart Plans that convert!
  4. Use Campaigns to generate, cultivate, and convert leads
  5. Learn how to use saved searches and broadcast emails to reach your database
  6. Get more Referrals with the KW Referrals Applet
  7. Master Designs and never go blank on what to create again
  8. Set it and Forget it Social Posts

Your Instructor

Lori Ballen
Lori Ballen

Lori Ballen is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for marketing. She earns 6 figures as an affiliate marketer and has multiple personal businesses. Lori believes in 7 streams of income and has businesses including her Las Vegas Real Estate Business.

She will tell you that one thing never changes regardless of the niche. You must determine who your audience is (or who you want it to be), create a product and a message unique to them, and get it out there in massive volume.

This is done through digital marketing strategies she teaches through courses, live events, video, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Your Refund Policy?
You can cancel up to 24 hours prior to the event and receive a full refund. There will be no refunds beyond that point since links will already be distributed.
How long do I have access to the Playbacks?
You can watch playbacks up to 1 year after purchasing the master class. You'll log into and log in with your username and password that you used to purchase the masterclass.
How Do I Attend The Class
You will be registered for Zoom and will receive your own unique Zoom Link.
Is This Included In The Ballen Method Bundle
While live training isn't included with the course bundle, the playbacks of this event will be loaded into The Ballen Method Bundle once the event is over.
What are The Dates and Times?
The event will be held over Zoom from December 7th through December 11th. Join in from 11 am Pacific to 1 PM Pacific. All events will be recorded and playbacks will be loaded here in the Academy.
Can My Admin Attend?
Each ticket will entitle you to one log-in on one device. If you need more device log-in's, you'll need another ticket. The playbacks will also be available here within Ballen Academy.

If you decide that you'd like to hire help for KW Command, talk to my brothers Jeff and Paul Helvin at Ballen Brands 702-917-0755.

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